What we do with Power Bi

To grow your business even to grow in your life, sometimes all you need to do is Analysis! Therefore analyzing your business data and business processes is the key.

The purpose is to extract useful information from your data by cleaning, modeling and transforming it into visuals and insights to finally share it between members of your organisation and stakeholders in order to make decisions. Lets walk you through the process;

Collecting Data

With Power Bi capabilities to connect to hundreds types of data sources, we collect Data. We then do the cleaning, transforming and loading to finally store it into a Dataset.

Modeling Data

Understanding your business will help us understand your data to build the model. The goal is to build relationships among these data to fulfill the business needs of stakeholders.

Data visualization

We will transform your data into a form easier to understand, highlighting the trends and outliers. A good visualization tells a story, removing the noise from data and highlighting the useful information.

Publishing and Sharing

Once reports are created, we publish them to Power Bi service and in there we can add Dashboards and data can be shared with colleagues and business users in the organization.

You have an issue with your Pbix file, Reports and/or Dashboards that would need maintenance and assistance!, No problem, our experts can support you and do the necessary for you. We will make sure to honor your satisfaction.

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