Time Conversion

This question is very common in Power BI community, Convert Time to Duration or Duration to Time? The answer becomes very simple to resolve once we know that we should start from the Total Seconds in hand. Both of the solution can be done in Power Query as well as using DAX in Power BI Desktop. By images I let you discover them:

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Financial statements Report

To all finance community and here we are into a new fiscal year. Before we start developing and analyzing all financial statements, should we first thank all bookkeepers that worked hard on their ERPs to adjust and close the GL Accounts for the past year….

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Power Bi Import vs Direct Query mode

In my opinion I think the most critical step in developing a report is the decision making on how to connect to data source! Should it be Import mode, DQ mode or both?

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Time Intelligence Function

DAX users in Power bi tend always to do the same mistake, They apply Time intelligence functions on a column dates that contain duplicate dates or gaps. Wrong, very wrong!

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