Financial statements Report

To all finance community and here we are into a new fiscal year. Before we start developing and analyzing all financial statements, should we first thank all bookkeepers that worked hard on their ERPs to adjust and close the GL Accounts for the past year.

The financial team will now take over to export data into Excel files for further transformation into financial statements, readable and understandable by executives for decisions making.

Excel has always been the tool number one for analysis but Power Bi which is an Excel derivative too is now gaining a lots of steps in the Business Intelligent domain month after month and year after year. Using Power BI to build financial statements reports and dashboards is now a game changer not only for financial analysts but also for executives.

Cleaning, Transforming, Modeling and Building visuals to then publish it to executives is all it takes with just one tool : Power BI.

Enough talking let’s explore it :

Yes it’s amazing how Power BI have helped me build those pages (and many more) into one single report via one single data table the “GL Account”.

Executives on the other side will only need an Internet connection and an Embed Code or a Public URL to visualise the report any time and every where as all the data is being refreshed automatically.

Many organizations are now rushing into this new technology looking for the added value that Power BI would guarantee. How about yours? If so, then you can contact :

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